Year in Review: 2015-16

We’re celebrating our 2nd birthday here at Small Publishing! Since our founding in July 2014, we have published nine books as well as a curriculum program. Here’s a look back at the highlights of our sophomore year:

We continued “The Summerfield Sisters” chapter book series by releasing Book 4 in July Birthday 22015. In addition, we introduced “The Becraft Brothers” chapter book series, a spin-off of “The Summerfield Sisters,” featuring Meredith and Madelene’s cousins, Jackson and JT. Book 1 and Book 2 of “The Becraft Brothers” series were released as paperback editions in May 2016. We also released both of these books as Kindle eBooks, our first time publishing on the Kindle platform. In the coming year, we hope to make all of our books and curriculum available as Kindle eBooks.

In the past year, our “Transforming Tiaras” devotional was released as a paperback edition and as a Kindle eBook. We hope to create another volume in this devotional series and also expand our product line to include a series of devotionals geared toward boys.

During the past year, our books have been featured on product review websites and found on public library shelves. We also created YouTube videos to showcase some of our products. In the coming year, we would like to provide more opportunities for readers to review our products. We also hope to engage the YouTube world more and experiment in video production with more video marketing as well as a video devotional series.

In addition to continuing our existing series of books, we also have several picture books and a new Vacation Bible School curriculum we are excited to roll out. Stay tuned for more details on these products.

Keep up-to-date on all of the latest happenings at Small Publishing through this blog as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Thank you for celebrating with us!


A Year in Review

As we celebrate the birth of our nation this weekend, we also celebrate the first birthday of Small Publishing! Thank you to all who have supported us and prayed for us during our rookie year.Cupcake

Here’s a look back at how we have grown this year:

Our very first book, “A Ministry Gift Book for Nursery Workers,” was published in July 2014. This was the introduction of the “Ministry Gift Book” series. The second book in this series, “A Ministry Gift Book for Children’s Workers,” was published in October. Additional books to continue the series are in the works.

In November, we released the first title in “The Summerfield Sisters” chapter book series. Book 1, “Victory in Valdese” was followed by “The Knights Before Christmas” in December and “Smiles and Surprises” in March 2015. Book 4 of the series, “Conquering the Competition,” will soon be available. Additional books to continue the series, as well as an all-new spin-off series, are in the works.

In March, we also released our first children’s ministry curriculum titled “Camp Genesis: Exploring God’s Creation.” This is currently available as an electronic download, although we plan to release a paperback version as well. We also have additional children’s ministry curriculum programs in the works for upcoming release.

In April, we released an e-book of devotional activities for girls called “Transforming Tiaras.” We are looking forward to releasing a paperback version of the book as well as another volume of devotions in the “Transforming Tiaras” series.

We are also looking forward to expanding our product line with the release of several new picture books for young children.

Lots of exciting things are happening at Small Publishing, so stay tuned. Keep in touch with us and up-to-date on all of our latest releases through this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and our online store. Thank you for celebrating with us!

Introducing The Summerfield Sisters Chapter Book Series!

Introducing The Summerfield Sisters chapter book series from Small Publishing!Victory_in_Valdese_Cover

Follow the adventures of eight-year-old Madelene Summerfield and her supportive older sister Meredith as they overcome the challenges posed by juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Book 1: Victory in Valdese is now available!

Meredith Summerfield is new to Valdese Middle School. She is quiet, studious, and the only one in the school who is not at the weekly football games. But it’s not a lack of school spirit that keeps her from attending. If only her classmates knew the real story . . .

Join the Summerfield sisters for a journey of family, friendship, and football in this first title of the series from Small Publishing.

Click here to order your copy today! Makes a great gift for young readers!

Introducing the Ministry Gift Book Series!

Introducing the Ministry Gift Book series from Small Publishing!

With vibrant black and white photographs and corresponding words of encouragement, each title in the Ministry Gift Book series helps remind your church’s servants that the seemingly simple tasks they do each week truly do make an eternal difference. These editions make perfect gifts to express your gratitude and inspire workers to continue their faithful service for the Lord.

The first title in the series is just for nursery workers and reveals the important ministry that takes place every week in church nurseries. It’s not just child care. It’s ministry!

Click the cover picture below to order now.

A Ministry Gift Book for Nursery Workers by Vanessa Small


This Independence Day, as we celebrate the founding of our nation, we also reflect on this week’s Supreme Court decision helping ensure freedom for Hobby Lobby and other companies to act on religious beliefs. As a small, family-owned business also founded on Christian principles, we at Small Publishing are thankful for our First Amendment freedoms of religion, speech, and press that allow us to proclaim God’s truth freely and fearlessly. Happy birthday, America, and may God bless the USA!

A Small Family Business

As we celebrate our country’s birth today, we are excited to announce the formation of our own small family business, Small Publishing. Specializing in children’s books, curriculum, devotionals, and other ministry resources, Small Publishing is dedicated to providing families, children, and churches with books and resources designed to educate, equip, and encourage faith development. Stay tuned for further information regarding our first book release!