The Becraft Brothers

Meet Jackson and JT Becraft. Avid collectors. Junior bloggers. Baseball enthusiasts. Follow the adventures of the Becraft brothers as they expand their collections and explore their world in this fictional chapter book series designed for elementary-aged readers. To purchase copies of the books, please click on the book covers below.

Available Titles in the Series:


Book 1: Jackson and JT are two rockhounds who love exploring and finding stones of every size and color. When their dad has to take a business trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, they set their sights on one particular type of rock commonly found along the shores. Will they be able to find the sought-after stone, or will they leave empty handed?

Racing to Win

Book 2: When Dad comes across a post about a contest for third and fourth graders, Jackson is eager to enter. The prize is a free trip to Indianapolis over Memorial Day weekend! Jackson is racing to beat the deadline, but his entry has to be special. Will he wow the judges and score the family ticket package, or will the checkered flags wave for someone else?

Searching for a Signature

Book 3: When Jackson and JT receive an autographed card of their favorite baseball player, they discover it is really a forgery. Will they be able to get an authentic autograph to add to their collection, or will their quest end in disappointment?